AirDroid 3.2

Connect your Android to any computer and manage it from the desktop
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AirDroid helps you to connect your Android device to any computer and manage it from the desktop.
The program has an attractive interface and is easy to use. Start the software on both your devices (a phone and PC, for example), sign in, and they will be connected automatically. No more USB cables needed!

The developers promise that you will be able to fully control your Android from the screen of your computer, namely, manage your calls, SMS, applications, video and audio files, downloads, and even your camera. Also, you can push URLs to your Android, transfer files and many more.

The web application that does not require any installation was about to make good. Especially, I liked the ability to control my phone camera from the laptop screen, but I did not manage to see app notifications, i.e. notifications about WhatsApp messages.

As for the desk client, it makes me pretty upset. But I can not say that it's the AirDroid fault because most of the promised features are available with the AirMirror option which works only on rooted devices. So, I was able only to look through and manage my call and SMS history, control incoming calls, send SMS, and transfer files. And, finally, I saw WhatsApp notifications and received messages, but with the third or fourth shot. Still, I was not able to answer the message from the laptop. By the way, updating the call and SMS history took quite a long time. And, the nice looking AirDroid widget which is to show a number of calls, SMS, and notifications showed me only zeroes. So, even that small amount of tasks the desk client could do was done poorly for me.

Nevertheless, you see that I can not be fair enough to the AirDroid desk client. But, if my phone had been rooted and the desk client gave me the same good result the web tool did, I would be rather pleased with it. And, anyway, I highly recommend you to give AirDroid a try.

Andrew Do
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  • Easy to use.
  • No more cables to connect your Android to PC or Mac


  • AirMirror works on rooted Android devices only
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